West Babylon Couple found wedding ring lost in garbage

For the second time in three months, EnCon workers stopped collection Route operations to aid a resident in finding lost jewelry. With the searches successful, lost wedding rings were reunited with their owners.

On Friday, January 13, 2017, a West Babylon couple was aided by the collection staff at EnCon Industries Corp. and the Town of Babylon workers' in a search for the couple's wedding ring.  This was the second such event for EnCon, who is the Town of Babylon's residential collection company, as another Babylon family lost its wedding rings three months ago.  Both couples located their lost items with the help of EnCon and the Town.  Tony Pepe, EnCon's General Manager stated that "the route trucks involved were directed to a Town yard to drop the load and begin the search".  When asked if the activity cause hardship on EnCon's operations, Pepe replied that "the heath, safety and welfare of the people of the town is our only interest and we are here to serve".  "Overtime was a factor, but EnCon was happy to help in the recovery of the rings".  EnCon started the Town contract in October of 2012, and has been praised for the extremely high level of service it has provided to the Town of Babylon.