How do I get a Town of Babylon Calendar?

You can call the Town’s call center at (631)957-7474 and request one or use the Encon link to the Town Calendar.

What are my Yard Waste days?

If you live: South of Montauk Hwy it is Zone 1 (Monday) Between Montauk Hwy and Sunrise Highway it is Zone 2 (Tuesday) Between Sunrise highway and the Southern State Parkway it is Zone 3 (Wednesday) Between Southern State Parkway and Long Island Ave. it is Zone 4 (Thursday) North of Long Island Ave. is Zone 5 (Friday)

When should I put my garbage/yard waste out?

ALL garbage, recyclables and yard waste should go out the night before. The trucks start their routes early. Do not put material out prior to 1:00pm on the day before your scheduled trash collection day and only put out the material to be collected at the curb. Do I have to call to arrange for a large item to be removed; for example, a piece of furniture. No, all furniture or bulk items go out with the kitchen garbage and will be picked up one piece at a time per garbage day. Do not put two large pieces at once because only one will be taken at a time.

Is there a limit on the amount of bags I can put out?

Yes, the yard waste limit is 10 bags or 10 bundles at a time, each may not exceed 50lbs. All bundles cannot be longer than 4ft in length and branches cannot be more than 4 inches in diameter. There is no limit on kitchen garbage however the Town has a 50lb weight limit on all items that are picked up, which is also an OSHA Regulation.

How do I distinguish my recyclables from my garbage?

Recycled bottles and cans should be in the Town issued Blue Pails ONLY. Newspapers should only be in brown paper bags or tied in bundles. If your yard waste day is the same day as your garbage pickup day, simply place garbage on one side of your driveway and yard waste or recyclables on the other.

What if I do not have a Blue Recycle Pail?

You can call the Town of Babylon recycling center at 631-249-9347.

How do I dispose of Liquid paint in cans?

Remove the lid and let the paint dry out thoroughly then place them in a plastic bag and place them at the curbside with your regular garbage.

Are there any items that you do not remove?

Yes, we do not pick up any Pollutants or Hazardous waste i.e. Gasoline, kerosene, paint, pool chemicals, oil etc. We do not pick up Cement, Rocks or Dirt. No Truck Tires are picked up. Car tires off the rims are picked up with your garbage, limited to one tire per pick up.

How do I dispose of Car Batteries or propane tanks?

Car Batteries and EMPTY propane tanks must be brought to the recycling center located on Field Street in West Babylon. Regular Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am- 2:30PM, except if it’s a Holiday.

How Do I dispose of Construction Material?

You can put up to 2 bags at the curbside (not weighing more than 50lbs each) on each of your two garbage collection days. If it is more than that you may want to call Encon for rates to have a Roll-off container delivered and removed from your home for a reasonable fee.

Where is the Town's Recycling Center?

The Town's Department of Environmental Control operates the Recycling Center. The Recycling Center receives waste that residents feel can't be picked up at the curb. Not all items, however, will be accepted. Unacceptable items include: explosives, ammunition, asbestos, automobile body parts, etc.

The Recycling Center is located at 57 Field Street in West Babylon and can be contacted at (631) 249-9346.

The hours of operation for the Recycling Center are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm but they are closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

What is the trash and recycling pick-up schedule?

A complete trash and recycling pick-up schedule is mailed to each house on an annual basis and is also available online - Trash and Recycling Calendar.

What items are considered "White Goods"?

White Goods are:

  • residential refrigerators (remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers)
  • washers and dryers
  • dishwashers
  • stoves/microwaves
  • water heaters
  • air conditioners
  • bathtubs
  • metal desks, metal cabinets
  • compactors
  • metal dehumidifiers
  • cut up oil tanks
  • aluminum sheds (bundled, tied, under 4' and 50 lbs. or less)

How can I schedule a special pick up of White Goods?

EnCon will pick up white goods on Wednesdays; however, you must call ahead to reserve pickup. Contact EnCon at (631) 491-3200, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and a representative will give you the date your white goods will be picked up. You need to call by Friday for pick-up the following Wednesday. Please put the item at the curb in front of your house.

For safety's sake, please remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers.

How do I dispose of yard waste?

Yard waste is collected separately from garbage 12 months of the year. Yard waste is collected according to your Yard Waste Zone (YWZ). Yard waste will not be picked up on holidays and will be picked up on your next regular collection day the following week. If you do not know your yard waste day, call EnCon at (631) 491-3200.

  • Yard waste cannot be mixed with garbage;
  • Do not use cardboard boxes for yard waste;
  • You may put out a maximum of 10 items of yard waste per week;
  • Bags of grass and leaves must be less than 50 lbs.
  • Disposal regulations for tree debris (tree branches less than 4" in diameter) require that trimmings must be bundled, securely tied, under 4 feet long and under 50 lbs.;
  • Dirt, sod and rocks cannot be collected - these items can be brought to a Transfer Station or Yard Waste Disposal Center.

How do I dispose of glass, cans and plastic?

When the bottles and cans symbol appears on your Trash and Recycling Calendar, EnCon will pick up glass, metal cans and plastics from your curbside in your blue recycling bin or clear plastic bags. EnCon cannot collect recycling material from any other type of receptacle.

  • Aluminum and Metal Cans - rinse cans, labels may remain in place
  • Glass Jars and Bottles - rinse jars and bottles, labels may be left on, remove caps, lids and wire rings (do not break glass or put plate glass, drinking glasses, light bulbs or window panes in the recycling bin)
  • Plastic Bottles - rinse plastic bottles and remove caps and pumps (to fit more containers in the bin, flatten them)

How do I dispose of newspapers, phone books, magazines and cardboard boxes?

When the newspaper symbol appears on your Trash and Recycling Calendar, EnCon will pick up properly wrapped newspapers from your curbside.

Wrap newspapers in twine or put them into paper bags. Do not use plastic bags for holding newspapers. Magazines, junk mail, cardboard boxes and telephone books will be picked up along with newspapers. These items should be bundled and tied. Please put out newspapers regardless of the weather. Pizza and cereal boxes are not recyclable. Please dispose of pizza and cereal boxes with your normal household garbage. Do not use your recycling can or garbage pails to put your newspapers out.

These items can also be brought to the recycling center at 51 Field Street in West Babylon between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

What items can I drop off at the Residential Recycling Center?

Acceptable items for drop off at the residential recycling center are: plastics/glass, waste oil, car batteries, computer paper, telephone books, bricks, household batteries, junk mail, oil filters, metal/aluminum cans, polystyrene, newspapers, cardboard, concrete (small pieces) and up to 4 tires with or without rims.

Where can I dispose of oil from my car?

You can dispose of waste oil at the Residential Recycling Center, located on Field Street off Edison Avenue in West Babylon. It is open for drop-off of recyclable materials on weekdays from 8 am to 2:30 pm. For further information please call (631) 249-9346 or (631) 422-7694.

How do I dispose of my Christmas tree?

Natural Christmas trees go out on your regular yard waste day. No special arrangements need to be made.

Is Styrofoam recyclable?

Styrofoam is not listed among the specific items that EnCon will pick up with other recyclables. Newspapers, magazines, phone books, and cardboard boxes are available for pickup together on certain weeks, while glass, cans, and plastic are available for pickup on the other weeks. Please reference the Trash and Recycling Calendar.

Can I retrieve an item thrown out by accident from the recycling truck?

If a personal item was discarded in a recycling container, a resident can retrieve it from the container. Once the item has been dumped into the truck’s hopper, it is considered "lost" and cannot be retrieved.

Who do I contact to report recyclables that were not picked up?

All items for recycling should be placed in the recycling container or in a clear plastic bag the night prior to pick up. If the items in question were set out properly and were not picked up, residents should call either EnCon, at (631) 491-3200 or use Encon’s web site at www.enconbabylon.com