Who We are  
Encon Industries Corp. was conceived by the simple concept of having a moral duty to promote Environmental Conservation.  Safeguarding our environment for generations to follow is a responsibility for all of us.  This idea of environmental stewardship can and should be achieved in many different ways.   Among a few methods are; conserving our natural resources, recycling, avoiding excessive waste production where possible and keeping the waste we do produce from contaminating our environment.  Clean and healthy homes and streets are the first line of defense and the main focus of Encon Industries.  Contracted by the Township of Babylon, a suburb located on Long Island, to collect and remove the solid waste and recyclables from approximately 45,000 households.  Our goal is to properly collect waste and recyclables in an environmentally sound manner and to keep Babylon’s Town clean and safe for future generations. Encon is proud to call the Township of Babylon and its residents our customers, clients, neighbors, friends and co- environmentalists.
What we do  
Encon Industries is a solid waste, yard waste, recyclable material collection and hauling company.  Our employees are experienced, trained and tested to the highest standards for their respective duties and job requirements.  Our job is to keep the residential neighborhoods, clean and sanitary for the municipalities that contract for our services. Utilizing state of the art low entry vehicles, each vehicle crew are properly equipped and managed to efficiently collect and compact household material for disposal.  All our Drivers undergo Department of Transportation (DOT) required drug and alcohol testing and every employee receives regular safety training twelve times a year.  Our customer service representatives are available to answer your questions about levels and days of service, recycling suggestions, quantity limitations, as well as the avoidance of safety and environmental hazards.

EnCon Thanks the Town of Babylon


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